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Retention app empowers success teams with actionable insights and humanistic automation to increase Trial Conversion and Customer Retention.

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How Retention Works For You?

Increase your trial conversion by 35%

Watch your users as they progress through their Trial period. 

Retention app allows you to focus on the best opportunities based on customer fit and product adoption to convert more trials with a surprising degree of certainty.

Increase customer retention by 55% 

From new, high-potential trials to inactive customers nearing renewal, Indicators allow you to automatically detect both positive and concerning customer states.

Workflows and Automations

Scaling your Customer Success efforts requires repeatable, standard processes. Playbooks give you complete control to define & automate your strategies in 3rd parties services like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Intercom with ease. What you do with the extra time is up to you 😉

Trusted by leaders at fast-growing subscription companies

Fox News top executive says 85% of people who take a one-week free trial of the company’s subscription-based Fox Nation streaming-video service are electing to stay on board, the latest signal of consumer interest in broadband-delivered video, shared by Variety.

“Direct to consumer is a new avenue for us,” says 

Suzanne Scott - CEO, Fox News

With Haseeb's help, we're able to identify churn risks 9x faster than before. That leads us to double our revenue retention. It allows us to easily figure out which of our trialing customers should be given more attention to get them over the line.

If you're thinking about a new solution, it's a complete no brainer.

Austin Taylor - Marketing Manager, Fabletics

Customer Retention Platform for Subscription Companies

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